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[Ark • e • us] the vital principle that, according to Paracelsians, directs and maintains the growth and continuation of living beings.




Do you want to experience change in your life or relationships? I have helped many people overcome persistent mood issues and self-defeating attitudes, recover from trauma, heal from destructive relational patterns, and find more satisfaction and joy in their lives and relationships. I believe we all have the capacity for growth and healing when given the chance to be heard, understood, and unconditionally accepted. It is my passion as a therapist to combine acceptance and encouragement with practical, evidence-based tools for addressing specific problems in order to bring about positive, lasting change.

In addition to treating a broad range of issues, I have specialized training in evidence-based practices that address trauma, depression, and anxiety. I also have extensive experience in the treatment of many issues related to aging, adoption/foster care, relationships, and life transitions.

If you long to feel like yourself again and to experience joy and contentment in your life and in your relationships with others, I would love to help. Please call today for a free consultation. For the convenience of my clients I am available weekdays, some evenings, and most Saturdays.

Specialties: couples and marriage therapy, premarital counseling, relationships issues, parenting issues

Insurance Accepted: most PPO plans

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